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With an estimated population of over 113 million, it is the world’s eleventh most populous country and the most populous Spanish-speaking country. After gaining independence from Spain there was a period was characterized by economic instability, the Mexican-American War and territorial cession to the United States, a civil war, two empires and a domestic dictatorship.

The latter led to the Mexican Revolution in 1910, which culminated with the 1917 Constitution and the emergence of the country’s current political system. Since 2006 the country has been in the midst of a drug war which has caused 60,000 deaths. Mexico has one of the world’s largest economies, and is considered both a regional power and middle power.

As of 2007 Mexico was the tenth most visited country in the world with 21.4 million international arrivals per year. Roman Catholicism is the main religion, with 82.7% of the population, while 9.7% (10,924,103) belong to Evangelical Chirstianity.

Chiapas and San Martin provided me a look deep inside this nation. Dale Yerton began a work in Chiapas in the early 70’s. An incredible network of churches continues to grow and win people to Jesus.