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By January 25, 2013Countries, Europe

I’ve been to the wonderful nation of Bulgaria many times now. It has found a place deep in my heart. The spirit of the Bulgarian people is profoundly underscored by understanding some of their history.

There is a picture of our family on top of the tower/monument that stands as testimony of the spirit of the Bulgarians. In 1877, on a mountaintop, in a place called Shipka, an outnumbered, volunteer Bulgarian army, fought against the Turks for their freedom. When they ran out of ammunition they threw boulders and even hurled the bodies of their dead comrades down on their enemy. The Turks were so repulsed; they retreated, granting victory to the Bulgarians.

It is this kind of spirit that I believe still resides in many of the Bulgarians today. I believe God will use that tenacity to continue spreading the Gospel in Bulgaria!

In 2009 Matt and I were scheduled to teach a conference in Bulgaria. I just returned from Guatemala and was to be in Bulgaria in two weeks. I had been praying the funds for the conference would come in but they had not. With regret, I contacted Director, Roumen Ivanov and informed him we did not have the money to come. He said, “Brother Ed, we need this teaching. My team and I are willing to give up three months of our salaries if you will come.” I told him that wasn’t going to happen but we would make it happen. After only a couple days of calling friends of Echo, all but $800 came in so we could minister to these leaders!

It is a privilege to link arms with Director Roumen Ivanov and the incredible ministry team of “Mission Possible” to train Pastors and Church Leaders, minister in gypsy communities and plant churches in this nation.


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